The Transmoder Project: a collaborative study focused on training for a sustainable future. The blog is written by Reece Lamshed,  Manager of Binary Blue.

The project will investigate the relationship between knowledge, training, digital communications and sustainability. We believe that these are key issues of the 21st Century.

Some of the considerations include:

  • What impact has digital communications had on knowledge and training?
  • Is education / training as currently practised adequate for the demands of the era of digital communications?
  • How is training addressing sustainability, and is it sufficient?
  • Is the digital economy sustainable?

We will interview leaders in their field  – academics, advisors,  researchers, industry and community leaders – and thus form a collaborative vision.

We also invite anyone to comment on the posts as we embark on this research journey.

The blog provides a content index, an interview index and a list of primary references that have inspired posts.


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