Transmoder: digital learning in the era climate change.

IN A RECENT brainstorming session with Cal Dean, we focused on defining the core business of Binary Blue. I explained that I essentially transform knowledge and information into appropriate digital formats (modalities). For example, in my work with AIRAH, I interview design engineers and ‘re-write’ what they cheap ray bans say into a variety of digital forms valsartan diovan. Sometimes it’s text for print or online; sometimes video, powerpoint presentations, audio, animations, or smart phone and pad applications.

So, what is the work called that I do in making these ‘transformations’? After throwing around a number of not quite right terms, we came up with one, which is not yet a real word in the English language – hockey jerseys transmoder (noun).

After more consideration, we linked the term to what we do in the digital space when training for our most important challenge of the 21st century – climate cheap nfl jerseys change.

So, we call this blog research into Wholesale China Jerseys training for a sustainable future: the Transmoder Project. Read more.

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