BRYCE Ives was a very early adopter of Facebook.

In its very early days (2004), Facebook was a university / college social networking tool, and it was only publicly released in September 2006. Bryce had access to it when he was a student at RMIT. He’s been actively using it ever since.

Bryce has had a varied and colourful media career, including station manager of SYN FM (2004-2007) and a stint at the ABC as Online Producer and the Executive Producer of Heywire.  He is currently a freelance theatre director and creative consultant.  See more.

This interview with Bryce was conducted using Skype and a recording tool, Call Recorder.  Typical of Skype, the sound quality is clear but variable.

The interview ranges over many topics including Bryce’s own use of Facebook, issues of usability and privacy, and some considerations about how Facebook can be used productively in education and training.

<a href=" diovan blood pressure medicine.mp3″>Interview with Bryce Part 1 – usability, personal uses [8:45]

Interview with Bryce Part 2 – privacy, Facebook personas, hardship /heartache, education and training. [12:30]

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