FUNDED primarily by the Corel Corporation, cheap oakleys sunglasses the Horizon Report has been published every year since 2004.

Its stated purpose is to “identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, or creative expression within higher education”.

We are interested in this endeavour as it links directly to the Transmoder Project purpose of investigating training for a sustainable future.  We will therefore reflect on each Horizon Report issue, to consider the actual impact of the technologies they identified (predicted) at that stage, and use the reports as a lens to what they reveal about current and future training practices in Australia.

Why is it necessary to project forward in this way? What do the results of Horizon Report tell CEOs and administrators of our training providers – TAFE colleges, independent providers, universities? barn  Is it about investment, ie. setting the ITC budgets in anticipation of these developments?  Does it indicate where they may be lagging behind, given that some providers will be early technology adopters and determined to seek a competitive edge?  Is it to provide advice how they could improve their wholesale nfl jerseys delivery and educational / training relationship with their students and trainees?

The New Media Consortium that publishes the Horizon Report, is based in Austin Texas and has an Advisory Board representing mostly north American views. One member on the board cheap oakley sunglasses from Australia, however, is Michael Coghlan.

Michael has been actively involved in vocational education and training for many years, initiating and managing a host of elearning projects. His primary interest has been audio tools for learning.

We interviewed him about the Horizon Report, the process of technology selection and the hits and misses of predictions.

Interview with Michael: Part 1 – purpose of Horizon Report [4:15]

Interview with Michael: Part 2  – Horizon Report selection process, criteria of selection [5:15]

Interview with Michael: Part 3  – learning objects, centralisation and digital literacy, technologies overlooked eg mobile apps) [7:20]

Interview with Michael: Part 4  – into the future: augmented reality and literacy [3:50]

The archived wiki proceedings of the 2010 Aust – NZ Horizon Report are at

The most recent global report wiki is at

Wikis behind all reports are findable via

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