INFORMATION Communication Technologies (ICTs) generate a carbon footprint, and as these are being employed more and more, so will the size of their carbon footprint increase (see Is the Internet Green?).

On the other hand, ICTs can be integrated at many different points in other industries such as buildings, manufacturing, agriculture and transport to make them fake oakleys more energy efficient.

The Chart below, courtesy of Climate Group’s Smart 2020 Report, shows the oakley sunglasses estimated potential of ICT impact on TRANSLATION CO2 emissions.

Tom Worthington is an eminent IT expert and teaches a course at the Australian National University in ICT Sustainability: Assessment and Strategies for a Low Carbon Future. This course is freely available online and as an open source ebook.

In this wide ranging interview, we discuss how ICTs can contribute to green house gas abatement, the role  of efficiency and effectiveness in sustainability and open source education and sustainability.

Tom Interview Part 1:  Dematerialisation [7:23]

Tom Interview Part 2: Smart motors, smart cheap ray bans power grids  [6:55]

Tom Interview Part 3: Logistics, speed and efficiency, smart building systems  [5:08]

Tom Interview Part 4: ICT abatement contribution, SMART strategies, efficiency and effectiveness in business and education, open education [6:41]

Tom Interview Part 5:  Open source learning, knowledge and sustainability  [6:04]

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