Here are some of the academic references that have informed the Transformer Project.

  • Storms of My Grandchildren  James Hansen  Bloomsbury 2009
  • Mobile Communication Rich Ling and Jonathan Donner Polity Press 2009
  • Facebook and Philosophy D.E.Wittkower (ed) Open Court 2010
  • The Information Society Robert Hassan Polity Press 2008
  • Search Engine Society Alexander Halavais Polity Press 2009
  • Personal Connections in the Digital Age Nancy K. Baym Polity Press 2010
  • How People Learn National Research Council National Academy Press 2000
  • The Innovator’s Dilemma  Clayton Christensen  Harper Collins 2002
  • Wikileaks Charlie Beckett with James Ball Polity Press 2012
  • The Wisdom of Crowds  James Surowiecki Fake Oakleys Abacus 2012
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel hockey jerseys Kahneman Penguin 2012
  • Weaving the Web Tim Berners-Lee Harper 2000





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