ONLY RECENTLY and out of the blue, I purchased a copy of the Brian Eno biography, On Some Faraway Beach by David Sheppard. It ray bans ale occurred to me, whilst reading it, that I had unconsciously followed Eno’s life over the years, from Roxy Music through to ColdPlay. It was a delight therefore to catch him ray ban outlet up.

Eno’s story is of musical innovation, particularly in music <a cheap nfl jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>hockey jerseys production and studio technology. What we do with learning in digital production is not so unrelated; the same rules apply here as they do with music. We can also draw inspiration from it when considering education and learning in the digital realm.

In this wide-ranging video interview, Eno addresses some of the issues that we confront in digital production, when the scope is wide and the temptation is to provide shallow offerings.

Incidentally, I was inspired to develop a playlist for my Eno re-connection:

In the Future  (Panic of Looking)
In Every Dream Home a Heartache (Roxy Music)
1/1 (Desert Island Selection)
Delta Rain Dream (Fourth World, Vol 1)
Weightless (Apollo)
I Thought (Frantic)
Here He Comes (Before and After Science)
Emerald and Lime (Small Craft On a Milk Sea)
Golden Hours (Another Green World)
An Arc oakley outlet of Doves (Ambient 2)
Flies (Plague Songs)
Warszawa (Low)
Heroes (Heroes)
Pour It Out (Drums Between the Bells)
42 (Viva La Vida)
The Carrier (My Life in the Bush of Ghosts)
Once in a Lifetime (Remain in Light)
The Jezebel Spirit (My Life in the Bush of Ghosts)
Slow Water (Music for films)
Very, Very Hungry (My Life in the Bush of Ghosts)
Taking Tiger Mountain (Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy)
Where the Cheap Jerseys Streets Have No Name (The Joshua Tree)
Deep Blue Day (Apollo)
One (U2 Singles)
Strange Overtones (Everything That Happens Will Happen)
Digital Lion (Overgrown)
Us Against the World (Mylo Xyloto)
French Catalogues (Discreet Music)
Dreaming My Dreams With You (Moving Out to the Country)
Miss Sarajevo (Pavarotti & Friends)
Peace Be Still (Peace Be Still Live)

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